Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand

2005 AGM Minutes

Present: 31 members, including representatives of affiliated societies and 1 visitor.

The President Brian Loader called the meeting to order at 5:15pm.

Items of business
Respect for deceased members
Greetings to absent members
Minutes of the previous AGM held in Heretaunga
Matters arising from the Minutes
  1. Radio frequency spectrum
  2. Internet NZ astronomers' group
  3. RASNZ Library
Annual Report of Council for the year 2004
Annual Accounts for the year 2004
Election of Auditor
Election of Honorary Solicitor
General Business as allowed for by the rules
  1. Election of a new Fellow of the Society
  2. Conference timing
  3. AGM Minutes
  4. RASNZ Logo
  5. Future direction of the VSS

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1. Apologies:

Apologies were received from Alan Baldwin, Norm Dickie, Norman Rumsey, Gloria Witheford, Alfred Kruijshoop, Albert Jones , Marilyn Head, Karen Pollard, Gordon Hudson.
Moved from the chair: That the apologies be accepted. / - carried.

2. Respect for deceased members:

Since the previous Annual General Meeting five members have passed away: Tony Dodson, Raymond Lee, Thomas Neave, Colin Venimore, Des Whelan.
The President asked the meeting to stand in silence for a moment in remembrance of the deceased members.

3. Greetings to absent members:

Greetings were to be sent to Frank Bateson, Norman Dickie, Olwen Jones, Jeff Knapp, Robin Adams, Colin Keay, John Mackie, Norman Rumsey, Reg Sutherland.

4. Minutes of the previous AGM held in Heretaunga:

The minutes of the RASNZ 81st Annual General Meeting, held on 2004 July 4 at the NZ International Campus, Heretaunga, were read by the president.
Moved: That the minutes be received as a true and correct record of the meeting. / Grant Christie, Dennis Goodman. - carried.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes:

12.2 Radio frequency spectrum: Duncan Hall reported to the meeting that the Ministry of Economic Development had advised that the radio astronomy bands needed further investigation to establish exactly which bands of the spectrum would be required by radio astronomers.

12.3 Internet NZ astronomers' group: John Drummond asked that the information on how to join the NZ astronomers' Yahoo-group should be repeated in the enewsletter, and other groups as well.

11 RASNZ Library: The library has been transferred to the unused seismology hut on Mt John; no time as yet has been available to spend on the cataloguing and preparation for disposal by sale of the library items.

6. Annual Report of Council for the year 2004:

The 82nd Annual Report of Council for the year 2004 had been published in the June 2005 issue of Southern Stars.
Moved: That the report be received. /Dennis Goodman, Lionel Hussey - carried. There was no discussion of the Annual Report

7. Annual Accounts for the year 2004: The Annual Accounts for 2004 had been published in the June 2005 issue of Southern Stars with the Annual Report of Council.
Moved: That the Annual Accounts for 2004 be accepted. /Frank Andrews, Orlon Petterson - carried.
The treasurer, Pauline Loader, remarked that there was a slight difference from the usual in that the receipts and payments for the Frank Bateson conference were treated separately.

8. Election of Auditor: The present auditor, Mr Russell How, had previously indicated he was willing to continue in that position.
Moved: That Mr Russell How should be appointed Auditor for the current financial year. /Brian Loader, Duncan Hall - carried.

9. Election of Honorary Solicitor:

The honorary solicitor, Mr John McCay, was willing to continue.
Moved: That Mr John McCay should be elected Honorary Solicitor for the coming year. /Brian Loader, Bill Allen - carried.

10. General Business as allowed for by the rules:

10.1 Election of a new Fellow of the Society :
Dr Grant Christie of Auckland had been nominated as a Fellow of the Society, in accordance with the rules, by three members. The proposal was examined by Fellows and the Council, and the Council recommended to the Annual General Meeting that Dr Christie should be elected.
The president Brian Loader read the nomination, citing his active membership of the New Zealand astronomical community for several decades. Dr Christie joined the Auckland Astronomical Society in the 1960s, and has served on their council in various offices including secretary and president. He has been chairman of the Auckland Observatory and Planetarium Trust Board, on which he also served for many years. Currently he is Curator of Instruments for the Auckland Observatory. He has been a member of the RASNZ since 1993, has been on council, and was vice-president 2000-2001. In 2003 he became a member of the International Astronomical Union. He is now a member of the Royal Society of NZ's Committee on Astronomical Sciences. His observational activity began in the 1960s with the Auckland Observatory's photoelectric photometry group. In recent years he has continued with the use of an Apogee CCD camera on the Nustrini telescope to make observations of variable stars, comets and minor planets, and microlensing events.

Moved: That in accordance with the recommendation of Fellows and Council, the meeting elects Grant W. Christie as a Fellow of the RASNZ. /Brian Loader, Dennis Goodman. - Carried by acclamation.

10.2 Conference timing: Alfred Kruijshoop suggested, in a letter read by the president, a discussion on the timing of the annual conference. At present it is held in winter. Bob Evans thought the time of year was quite good as it is - though cold, it is not interfering with summer holidays. Earlier parts of the year put constraints on auditing and production of annual reports. The feeling of the meeting was that the timing of conference should remain unaltered.

10.3 AGM Minutes: It was suggested by Graham Palmer that reading out of the minutes of the AGM was taking up valuable time at meetings. Could council approve them instead?
After some discussion, it was Moved: that Council is authorized to approve minutes of the AGM at the next council meeting or by email. /Ian Crumpton, John Field. - Carried, but 6 votes against; Lionel Hussey, Brendon Anderson, John Drummond, William Tobin, Bob Evans, Brian Loader.
Moved: that the AGM minutes be placed on the society's website. /William Tobin, Frank Andrews. - Carried.

10.4 Logo: The logos from the competition had been displayed at the meeting, and on the website for comments and voting. From the votes received and the comments at conference, the most popular design was clearly one submitted by Karen Pollard.

Discussion was varied and lengthy. Factors such as reproducibility in black and white, simplicity, and ability to be reduced in size still needed to be considered. It was felt that the designs should be referred back to the committee for further thought.
Moved:That the meeting warmly commend those who have entered designs. / Grant Christie, William Tobin - Carried.

10.5 Future direction of the VSS: Orlon Petterson asked what was likely to happen, as he had had approaches from people wishing to know. The president replied that council was still coming to grips with what could be achieved, and how to communicate with past/present section members to get their views.

Closure: There being no further business the meeting closed at 6:05 pm.

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