March 2014

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Astrophotography Weekend - Foxton Beach
Stephen Chadwick

On the weekend of November 29th - December 1st 2013 the Horowhenua Astronomical Society Inc. hosted its first astrophotography weekend. With attendees from as far away as Northland and the South Island it turned out to be a truly national event.
Volume 53, number 1. March 2014. P3

Some Developments at the Awarua Satellite Ground Station
Robin McNeill

Looking for all the world like a second-hand car yard in the middle of a cow paddock, Awarua Satellite Ground Station looks perhaps a little unprepossessing. The station was built in 2005 by Venture Southland - the Southland tourism, business and community development agency - with assistance from the French Space Agency CNES, for the European Space Agency's Ariane 5 ATV campaigns.
Volume 53, number 1. March 2014. P5

RASNZ Annual Report of Council for 2013

Volume 53, number 1. March 2014. P7

Bringing Astronomy to the Public
John Drummond

One VERY popular strategy with the general public that the Gisborne Astronomical Society has adopted has been an Introduction to Astronomy Course.
Volume 53, number 1. March 2014. P25

Jupiter Nights - An Astronomy Outreach Event
John Burt

On the weekend of 7 to 9 March 2014 the Gisborne Astronomical Society ran a very successful astronomy outreach event.
Volume 53, number 1. March 2014. P26