In general speakers will only be able to present 1 oral presentation at conference unless invited to present additional talks. You may submit more than 1 presentation for consideration (please indicate any preferences in this case) and poster papers are always welcome.

As a speaker we ask that you take note of the following:

  1. Provide a professional quality presentation that is on the agreed upon topic
  2. Keep to the allocated speaking time of 20 (or sometimes 30) minutes, which includes 3-5 minutes for questions.
  3. Invited or feature speakers are allocated 40-45 minutes, including time for questions
  4. Talks must be in either PowerPoint (ppt or pptx), or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. No other formats will be accepted. * As a general guide a maximum of 1 slide or page for each minute allocated is usually appropriate.
  5. Please ensure that your slides or pages are easily readable from a distance. In general, nothing below 18pt type is going to be readable by anyone not in the first few rows - 24pt and up is usually safe. If you can't easily read your slide 3m from a PC screen, enlarge your text. Also, beware of light colours on light, or white backgrounds, such as yellow, which are nearly invisible on a screen at a distance.
  6. Yoy must bring your talk on either a USB memory stick or CD/DVD and provide it to the conference organisers prior to the start of conference. Ensure you bring a spare copy on different media to guard against failure of your primary copy.
  7. Speakers will be asked to load their talks onto the 'central' laptop prior to the commencement of conference. The use of speaker's personal laptops will not be permitted.
  8. Speakers are responsible for ensuring that their talks display properly. Please ensure (for example) that embedded movies run correctly on the conference laptop prior to your talk. (Please try your talk on another PC to make sure it will run stand alone eg. without any extras that may only be installed on your computer.*)
  9. Slide projectors, overhead projectors and white boards will not be available to speakers.
  10. Speakers must take note of any signal by the session chair to finish one's talk if the allocated time is going to be exceeded. Speakers must stop if indicated to by the session chair.

Please note that there have been requests that technical presentations include a brief introduction for those who may be unfamiliar with the topic.

* A good thing to check is whether your movie plays in VLC player (a free, open source, cross platform video player).