The excellent 2016 RASNZ Conference at Napier has finished. We hope to see you all in Dunedin next year. The 2016 conference information will remain available for a little while below until we start ramping up for the Dunedin conference in 2017.

RASNZ's 2016 Conference will be held in Napier and hosted by the Hawke's Bay Astronomical Society and held 20 - 22 May 2016.  The Conference venue will be MTG Hawke's Bay, Napier's recently reopened museum, theatre and art gallery.  The Conference will be followed by a two day astrophotography workshop.

Paper submissions may be made online. The Conference online Registration form is now available.

We are pleased to have as our Invited Speaker Dr Michele Bannister, an ex-pat Kiwi and planetary astronomer, who will be talking about the recent discoveries at Pluto made by the New Horizons spacecraft.

The 2016 RASNZ Conference Brochure .PDF is now available for viewing and download. You may also download the RASNZ 2016 Conference Programme.

Provisional Speakers List for the 2016 RASNZ Conference

  • Sergei Gulyaev: The Radio Astronomical Observatory at Warkworth (20 min)
  • Brian Loader (Fellows’ Lecture): Pluto, 2015 June 29 (45 min)
  • Ashna Sharan: Microlensing modelling using nested sampling (20 min)
  • Georgie Taylor and Mason Ng: Modelling the spectra of hot stars (20 min)
  • John Bray: Is the link between the observed velocities of neutron stars and their progenitors a simple mass relationship? (20 min)
  • John Hearnshaw: The Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative (20 min)
  • Gary Sparks: Halley’s Comet World Tour: A Philatelic Odyssey (20 min)
  • John Drummond: Deeply imaging interacting galaxies to detect tidal features (20 min)
  • Michele Bannister: New Discoveries in the Outer Solar System (45 min)
  • Bethany Jones : The effect of space travel on human physiology (20 min)
  • Maria Pozza: New Zealand and the need for Space Law (20 min)
  • Warwick Kissling: Is the Solar System Stable ? (20 min)
  • Karen Pollard: Asteroseismology at Mt John (20 min)
  • SWAPA mini-session 1: Finlay Mably & Joshua Daglish (10 min)
  • Sarang Shah: Finding lonely planets with the KMTNet microlensing survey (20 min)
  • M. C. Alex Li: Eclipsing Binaries in the MOA database (20 min)
  • Mike Mackrill: It’s Life Jim..Aliens as Depicted in Film and television (20 min)
  • Brian Loader: Lunar occultations of double stars (20 min
  • Orlon Petterson: Educational and research tools in Astronomy (20 min)
  • Grant Christie: Auckland Astronomy – Future directions, opportunities and challenges (20 min)
  • Nicolas Rattenbury: Recent results from the MOA collaboration (20 min)
  • SWAPA mini-session 2: Anushka Kharbanda + Annabelle Ritchie (20 min)
  • Jennie McCormick: The role of chance in astronomical discoveries from Farm Cove Observatory (20 min)
  • Ed Budding: Basic queries in astrobiology: where do we begin, and when will it end ? (20 min)
  • Lin Xiao and JJ Eldridge: Interpreting nebular line emission of star-forming regions with BPASS models (20 min)
  • David Huijser: Bayesian inference of galaxy morphology using reversible jump MCMC (20 min)

RASNZ acknowledges the following sponsors and thanks them for supporting the 2016 RASNZ Conference.