September 2014

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Brian Mason - from the New Zealand Mainland, to Meteorites, and Moon Mountains
Vicki Irons

After giving my talk at Stellarfest about meteorites in which I discovered the illustrious career of Brian Mason and his role in identifying lunar meteorites, a member suggested a piece in Southern Stars might be appropriate. Dr Mason died in 2009 at the age of 92 and there is a Wikipedia page about him, but I found a wealth of information in the little booklet ''œFrom Mountains to Meteorites'' which was put out by the NZ Geological Society. I am continuously amazed at the accomplishments of New Zealanders who go offshore to further their field of study.
Volume 53, number 3. September 2014. P3

More on Astronomy in Wellington in the 1840s
Pendreigh Brown

Wellington pioneers with astronomy connections were J. Hurley, J. H. Marriott, R. Sheppard and also W. M. Smith and C. Grace. Local newspapers recorded two comets seen in Wellington in the 1840s, while of these five pioneers, one was a sawyer and timber merchant, one made and repaired telescopes, two were surveyors and one taught astronomy.
Volume 53, number 3. September 2014. P6

2014 Murray Geddes Prize - Chris Monigatti
This year's Murray Geddes Prize was awarded to Chris Monigatti during the annual conference in Whakatane. He is the first recipient of the MGP medal that was struck this year.

Volume 53, number 3. September 2014. P9

StellarFest 2014
Carl Knight

This weekend of astronomy was held at the Foxton Beach Bible Camp, beginning Friday July 25th.
Volume 53, number 3. September 2014. P10

2014 Homer F. DaBoll Award - Brian Loader
Graham Blow

Brian Loader of Darfield, NZ, has been awarded the 2014 Homer F. DaBoll Award by the International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA). The award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to occultation science, or to the work of IOTA.
Volume 53, number 3. September 2014. P11

What's in a Name? - VIII
Pam Kilmartin

This is another of her popular talks given to RASNZ conferences on the subject of minor planet names. It was presented in 2014, at the Whakatane conference.
Volume 53, number 3. September 2014. P12

Book Review - Craters of the Near Side Moon by John Moore
Maurice Collins

Volume 53, number 3. September 2014. P14