March 2015

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Possible Radio-emmision Signatures of Exoplanets
E Budding, O B Slee, M Johnston-Hollitt
A brief review of possibly detectable radio-effects from exoplanets is presented. Previous observations may show relevant effects, when appropriate theory is taken into account.  Pointers to contemporary and future lines of investigation are also presented.
Volume 54, number 1. March 2015. p3.
Graham Lindsay Blow 1954 to 2014
John Talbot and Brian Loader
It is with great sadness that we mark the death of Graham Blow on 31st December 2014 at the age of 60. He was born 5th August 1954 in Auckland, New Zealand.
Volume 54, number 1. March 2015. p7
Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand (Inc) Annual Report for 2014
Volume 54, number 1. March 2015. p9