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The VSS Southern Eclipsing Binaries Programme
Tom Richards

Yes, astronomy is fascinating and exciting to read about. And yes, it's fascinating and exciting to see the denizens of the sky through a telescope or to capture them with an image. But how about doing some astronomy; contributing to the science instead of just absorbing it? Eclipsing binaries offer a way in that's simple, un-demanding of equipment, doesn't need you outside all hours of the night, produces exciting results out of every night's imaging, and can even be done on a computer instead of a telescope. The Southern Eclipsing Binaries Programme of Variable Stars South is designed to provide all of that to the beginner in astronomical research, as well as keeping the experts Very busy. A 2013 RASNZ Conference paper.
Volume 52, number 2. June 2013. P3

2013 Murray Geddes Prize - Grant Christie

Volume 52, number 2. June 2013. P7

Bus Tour
On the Friday afternoon before the opening of the 2103 conference in Invercargill, attendees were invited to join a bus tour to the Unwin Radar and ESA Tracking Station at Awarua, and to Richardson's Truck Museum in Invercargill. About 30 people participated despite a cold windy day. Here are three photos from the trip.

Volume 52, number 2. June 2013. P8

A Journey from the Antipodes to the Stars and Back
Margaret Austin

Hon Margaret Austin CNZM, CRSNZ, FNZIM, D.Sc (honoris causa), Chair, Lake Tekapo Aoraki/Mt Cook Starlight Reserve Working Party. Margaret has made an amazing contribution to New Zealand and especially to astronomy in recent times. Her experience with UNESCO and the World Heritage Committee has been applied towards establishing the Aoraki Mackenzie area as a Starlight World Heritage Area. This is an ongoing long term project marked with many meetings, contacts and journeys around the world. This is her after dinner speech at the 2013 RASNZ Conference in Invercargill.
Volume 52, number 2. June 2013. P9

Reflective and Refractory: Some Observatins of NZ Amateur Astronomy
R W EVans

OVer my five decades involvement in NZ amateur astronomy, I reflect on contributions made by Various people over this time and the observing programmes that they and I have participated in. This is strictly personal so I know that I'm going to miss out a lot of people. They are for others to speak of.
Volume 52, number 2. June 2013. P11

A Grazing Occultation of SAO 138754
Brian Loader

The observation of a grazing lunar occultation with some unusual features is described.
Volume 52, number 2. June 2013. P17