September 2015

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Events leading up to the Pluto Occultation
Gordon Hudson, Larry Wasserman, Kara Hartig
The Pluto Occultation of a 12th magnitude star was a rare event and a lot of effort was being put into observing it. The programme for the early hours of June 30th that I was involved in was run by the South West Research Institute (SWRI) in Boulder Colorado.
Volume 54, number 3. September 2015. p3


SOFIA The Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy
Haritina Mogosanu
In July 2015 the author secured a trip aboard SOFIA. Leading up to her experiences that she will describe later here is a background to this flying telescope.
Volume 54, number 3. September 2015. p7


StellaFest 2015
Steve Chadwick
Another Great Success! On the weekend of August 14th-16th the Horowhenua Astronomical Society held its 4th annual StellarFest at the Foxton Beach Bible Camp. As always the weekend was designed with viewing, talks and general chit-chat in mind.
Volume 54, number 3. September 2015. p10


A New Eclipsing Binary Star in Sagittarius
Simon Lowther
I present a new variable star in Sagittarius discovered during routine observations of V1223 Sgr for the Centre for Backyard Astrophysics, at CBA Pukekohe on 14th June 2014 NZST (JD2456822). The shape of the light curve suggests this star is an eclipsing binary of EW type with a period 0.2585 days and amplitude of 0.85 mag unfiltered. This star has been submitted to and accepted into the VSX catalogue of variable stars.
Volume 54, number 3. September 2015. p12


Essay Review - Setting Aside All Authority: Giovanni Battista Riccioli and the Science against Copernicus in the Age of Galileo
William Tobin
Volume 54, number 3. September 2015. p14


Bright Cepheids - A Variable Stars South Project
Stan Walker
Practical observing projects for beginners in astronomy with scientific value are hard to find and are often disappointing to the participants. What do we need to inspire us?
Volume 54, number 3. September 2015. p17