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Quaoar Appulse.
Dave Gault.

Earlier this year an attempt was made to observe an occultation of the trans-Neptunian object Quaoar. No occultation occurred but an appulse was observed by several stations showing that an occultation, should it occur, can be detected.
Volume 46, number 2. June 2007. P3

AR953: "Strange days, indeed!"
Harry Roberts.

Active Region 10953 on the Sun was yet again another example of the Sun's continuing unexpected activity near Solar Minimum.
Volume 46, number 2. June 2007. P4

SKA Simulation Modeling: Phased Approach to SKA Construction.
Sergei Gulyaev and Stuart Weston.

The concept of phased approach to the SKA development is discussed, which allows the maximum use of resolution for the SKA in the early stages of its construction. Mathematical simulation for two possible scenarios was conducted. The case study for the proposed Australasian location of the SKA is considered.
Volume 46, number 2. June 2007. P5

Hydrogen alpha observing.
Andy Dodson and John Drummond.

Volume 46, number 2. June 2007. P10

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand - Annual Report for 2006.
Including President's remarks, financial report, membership report and section reports.

Volume 46, number 2. June 2007. P13

"Southern Skies" NZ Post Stamp Issue.

Volume 46, number 2. June 2007. P26

Book Review - "Empire of the Stars." by Arthur I Miller, reviewed by Marilyn Head.

Volume 46, number 2. June 2007. P12

Book Review - "Sirius: Brightest Diamond in the Night Sky." by Jay Holberg, reviewed by William Tobin.

Volume 46, number 2. June 2007. P25

Software Review - "Google Mars" Reviewed by R W Evans In 2006 March
R W Evans

The search engine company Google released its Google Mars product. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Mars, particularly the planet's surface features.
Volume 46, number 2. September 2007. P25