NZ Observatory Registration

New Zealand Observatories

A combined Australia and New Zealand Standard AS/NZ 4282 Control of obtrusive effects of outdoor lighting contains guidance which will help to protect observatories from outdoor lighting at night. When your observatory is listed here, local council planners will be able to see your need to limit obtrusive lighting around your observatory.

The standard can be purchased from Standards New Zealand:

The Standard states that a list of observatories will be held by the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand - that's us!

If you wish to have your observatory included in this list please send your contact and location details. Your observatory will be included with the level of information you choose to display.

If you wish to limit contact information on this page you may inlcude the previous email link for people to contact us. We will then forward enquiries to you to deal with.

Observatories will be grouped into Research, Community and Private or Personal categories.

Research Observatories

University or Tertiary Education Institute managed for research of educational purposes. Location and contact details preferred






Community Observatories

Owned and/or operated by RASNZ Affiliated Societies, Schools, Community organisations for the purposes of outreach and astronomy awareness.

Private or Personal Observatories

Privately owned and operated. Detailed location and contact details optional.