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The Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand - RASNZ, The Case for Urban Sustainability at Night

Light Pollution Issues

RASNZ - Dark Sky Vision Statements

  • The RASNZ believes in the importance of the New Zealand nighttime environment in terms of the cultural, historic, educational, scientific and recreational importance of the stars, other nighttime phenomena, and the geographic uniqueness of New Zealand at night.
  • The RASNZ believes that wasteful outdoor lighting is reducing the intrinsic and amenity value of the nighttime environment for urban and rural New Zealanders.

As nearly 87% of all New Zealanders live in towns and cities, the effects of inefficient or ineffective night time outdoor lighting, have a significant impact on our population. While the RASNZ's interest is clearly focussed on the night sky, there are other impacts from poor lighting such as wasted energy, and environmental and social effects which can be addressed.